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Colocation is the term used to define a high quality data centre that is network-connected, secure and a resilient commercial facility for the housing of telecommunications and IT infrastructures. It involves the sub-letting of space in a safe and secure environment for Carrier, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Application Service Provider (ASP) systems and equipment, as well as corporate IT systems, either as primary or business continuity site.  Such space may be sub-let in various ways like, quarter, half and full rack spaces; dedicated rooms or cages and larger areas meant normally for large corporate customers. Both carriers and carrier neutral organisations can provide colocation facilities.

With the world becoming increasingly computer-friendly, it is essential that your primary systems and back-up services are housed in the most suitable data centre facilities. Colocation with a reputed organisation gives you peace-of-mind that your IT systems are secure and operational. There are various key benefits of colocation. It offers neutral points of interconnection and a resilient operational environment that is the ideal place to house business critical equipment. Diverse network routing, ease of interconnection, secure site access and control, monitoring and maintenance and flexible space provisioning are some of the other benefits of colocation for carriers, ISP’s and ASP’s.

Colocation is fast becoming a much sought after technology for the corporate market as it provides a number of advantages. Colocation helps to risk mitigation and data recovery. It protects your business against physical loss or damage to critical business systems. It adds a new level of reliability to the whole process. It allows more room to move. It is also more cost effective than refurbishing and upgrading an IT environment due to server storage technology needs. The rush for colocation is such that there are a number of vendors in the market who present the best technology.

IFL data centres are considered to be among the best of all colocation server centres. Designed to provide the best possible operating environment for IT and network equipment, our investment in critical infrastructure gives you the piece of mind to concentrate on the task at hand-running your business smoothly. IFL provides effective and reliable data centre services like, technical space, colocation, server hosting for content companies and network service providers. Our state-of-the-art equipped data centres have N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Standby diesel generator, VESDA fire detection systems, High capacity air conditioning systems and many other facilities. So if you are looking for reliable colocation server hosting in UK, look no further than IFL. For more information on our products and services please visit us at internetf.co.uk