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If you own or manage an IT company, you probably know the importance of technical space. Technical space is the space provided to those companies that want their servers to be hosted. The running of your business and its overall efficiency depends to a large extent on your technical space hosting company. Today, with the large demand for technical space, owing to greater commercialisation and growth, your company could do well by using the services of a reputed and established hosting company. At IFL, we provide you carrier neutral colocation facilities in Manchester, which includes providing services to leading Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and corporate customers. IFL is an established company in this field and has been providing technical space to companies in the UK for the past decade.

Managing your own IT Company becomes much easier when you have a company like IFL providing you with a high quality service. IFL offers you innovative and personalised solutions for all your IT needs. When you host your servers with IFL, you can rest assured of seamless connectivity and high performance. At IFL, we remain independent of carriers and Internet service providers. This ensures that we are able to provide strong connectivity solutions, for your various needs. With IFL taking care of your technical space needs, you can focus entirely on your company’s growth.

IFL is equipped with a critical infrastructure that makes us a class apart in the technical space market. Our centres are designed to provide the most efficient operating environment, both in terms of equipment infrastructure and skilled manpower. IFL data centres are designed to provide the best possible operating environment for your IT and network equipments. Our equipments are housed in highly technological environments with the right rack space. When you host your server at IFL, you can be at peace in the knowledge that your server is in the most skilful and trustworthy hands. Technical space provided by IFL to the servers of other companies is usually standard. But if you have unique business needs, we can adapt ourselves to your requirements.

IFL was formed at the University of Manchester in 1997 to cater to the growing demand for commercial colocation and hosting in the UK. The company has today grown to become the largest IT services provider, which provides technical space and server hosting to a plethora of companies. Bring about a significant change in your company by using the most advanced technological solutions. Visit us at internetf.co.uk to learn more.