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A colocation centre is a data centre where numerous telecommunications or network service providers house their connections. In this, various users of these services host not just network and server equipment but also storage gear, they also interconnect to network service providers with a minimum of cost and complexity.

With each passing day more and more companies are recognising the benefits of colocation centres mainly due to the reason that they are not just time saving but also cost saving. Hiring the services of a colocation centre means you will be getting all the communications, telecommunications, internet and ASP facilities in safe, secure hands. Moreover, you will enjoy the freedom to focus on the central part of the business.

Technology is rapidly changing and nowadays people prefer to opt for outsourcing network traffic to a colocation centre. This ensures a greater bandwidth capacity, web site access meaning that speeds should improve considerably. Seeing this outsourcing trend, you can now find various types of colocation customers. A few of the prominent colocation companies are:

  • Web commerce companies: These web commerce companies generally use facilities for a safe and cost-effective site.
  • Big enterprises: These companies use the facility for not just disaster avoidance and offsite data backup but also business continuity.
  • Telecommunication companies: These companies usually use facilities to inter exchange traffic with other telecommunications companies.

The majority of colocation centres offer different types of services to different types of customers. Services range from dedicated suites, rooms or cages to smaller racks or partial racks. Also few colocation centres offer a high degree of service level agreements. This is basically done to support a variety of computer and network related services. For instance, server reboots, hardware replacements, and software updates.

However, there are key differences between a dedicated server and colocation servers. But the most popular difference is that dedicated servers tend to be owned and rented out, whereas a colocation server is one that the client owns. Wish to know more about colocation centres, server colocation, colocation, cage colocation, suite colocation, and carrier neutral collocation? If the answer is yes, then click internetf.co.uk.