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Cage Colocation: Best Colocation Services at IFL: The majority of people nowadays rent server space off-site at a data centre for servers and network devices such as a switch, load balancer, firewall, or backup device. This is known as cage colocation and it is done to hire more secure and efficient services...

Colocation Centre: A colocation centre is a data centre where numerous telecommunications or network service providers house their connections. In this, various users of these services host not just network and server equipment but also storage gear, they also interconnect to network service providers with a minimum of cost and complexity...

Rack Space by IFL: If you are planning to hire colocation services then you must know two terms on which it stands. The first of these is the volume of space that a server will be using at the collocation facility. The second relates to the amount of space that is being used within the rack also known as U's and cabinets.

Carrier Neutral: Carrier neutral colocation offers more internet bandwidth, more interconnection options, quicker time-to-market, a secure reliable environment, and a faster return on your investment.With today's economy changing at speed, colocation facilities feature customisable space and power to accommodate your unique requirements.

Technical Space Uk: If you own or manage an IT company, you probably know the importance of technical space. Technical space is the space provided to those companies that want their servers to be hosted. The running of your business and its overall efficiency depends to a large extent on your technical space hosting company.

Data Centre Services Uk: Evolving business objectives has led many companies to revise their data centre infrastructure. Optimising resources, lowering operational costs and budgets, and improving business operations have become the order of the day. Corporate are looking to outsource their data centre services in order to have a more streamline operation.

Colocation Server Hosting Uk: Colocation is the term used to define a high quality data centre that is network-connected, secure and a resilient commercial facility for the housing of telecommunications and IT infrastructures. It involves the sub-letting of space in a safe and secure environment for Carrier, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Application Service Provider (ASP) systems and equipment, as well as corporate IT systems, either as primary or business continuity site.