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Cage Colocation: Best Colocation Services at IFL

The majority of people nowadays rent server space off-site at a data centre for servers and network devices such as a switch, load balancer, firewall, or backup device. This is known as cage colocation and it is done to hire more secure and efficient services. In this, the cage colocation service provider has complete responsibility for the devices and also has contracts with the provider for managed services.

Many large companies these days have the reliable Internet infrastructure to host their own web servers. For managing this they hire a team of IT professionals that individuals and small companies do not have. It has been seen that there is a wide range of options available ranging from simple hosting up to running your own web servers off of a dedicated Internet connection and cage colocation.

Cage colocation allows you to place your server equipment in someone else’s rack space. You will also require dedicated bandwidth which is why it costs more than standard web hosting but is less than an equal amount of bandwidth into your place of business. Therefore, you have to install your own server equipment within their rack space.

Cage colocation providers also provide you with high capacity cooling systems for your servers, fire protection and early smoke detection systems, 24 hour security, high quality, resilient and redundant bandwidth options, and power to your server. There are various advantages attached with cage colocation server, but few of the prominent ones are:

  • The biggest advantage of cage colocation is the cost for bandwidth. It is relatively cheaper in comparison to any other channel. As IFL data centres are carrier neutral the choice of bandwidth supplier is wide ranging and flexible, keeping prices at a very competitive level.
  • The second advantage of cage colocation is that it is far more protected. Any colocation provider is equipped with power generators and backup power. This is to protect against any serious or emergency situation.
  • You don’t have to worry about the security, as colocation provider takes all the necessary steps to secure its servers.
  • You can use your own server software. This means you don't have to rely on the hosting provider to install the software or tools you want to use.

All these advantages and many more make sure that hiring the services of a cage colocation provider isn’t a bad deal. For more information on cage colocation, data centre services, rack space and server colocation check out internetf.co.uk.