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IFL believes that critical IT infrastructure requires a specialist environment which most small to mid-size companies are unable to provide in house. IFL provides Business Class Data Centres which underpin our clients. ability to deliver robust IT applications. Since formation in 1997, IFL have become one of Manchester's largest providers of state of the art colocation facilities and datacentre services, now operating over 18,000 square feet of data centre space. At the hub of the region's internet, IFL facilitates multiple connectivity options to connect to locations all over the world.

IFL now operate two facilities in the centre of Manchester with a wide ranging customer base including ISPs, SMBs, large nationals and multinational organisations. Our colocation only focus allows customers to locate their equipment within the optimum operating environment whilst maintaining their own equipment and in-house technical expertise. We offer solutions to ensure our clients' businesses are fully supported and protected against factors which would otherwise cause damaging downtime and unavailability of critical data and applications such as power failures, fire damage and network outages.

IFL is owned by Attenda Ltd, Europe's leading specialist in operating Internet and enterprise applications.