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Bandwidth Report

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IFL data centres are well connected places. The strength of our connectivity lies in the fact that we remain independent of carriers and Internet service providers. This independance enables the development of a strong marketplace for connectivity solutions to develop. The connectivity services that our customers provide to each other include:

  • Full transit
  • Partial transit
  • Point-to-point circuits

Bandwidth Report

In order to assist customers in selecting a bandwidth supplier we produce a report giving details of the networks present in our data centres and relevant contact details for those providers. Information such as services provided and pricing are included in the report, and in order to ensure the information is as up to date as possible it is maintained by the providers themselves.

If you are a bandwidth provider and want to be included on our bandwidth report please send an email to

LAN Extension

In order to increase the range of networks you can connect to from IFL data centres we have built a 10 Gigabit ring connecting our data centres to Telecity Manchester. We call the network MCIX and you can find out more information about the services that we offer on the network by visting our dedicated MCIX website.


For customers running networks using BGP peering is available at all IFL data centres on both the MCIX and MaNAP networks.