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LAN Extension

IFL LAN extension services are provided under our MCIX brand. Connectivity is available between both of our data centres and Telecity Manchester across our ten gigabit ring.

LAN extension can be useful if you need to operate across multiple sites for resilience purposes or if you need to connect to customers or providers who are located in a different data centre.

Network Topology

The MCIX network is made up of three stacks of Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches one stack located at each of the three sites in which mcix is present:

  • IFL1, Kilburn Building, Oxford Road
  • IFL2, Reynolds House, Manchester Technopark
  • TeleCity, Williams House, Manchester Science Park

The switch stacks utilise Cisco StackWise technology to create a single 32 Gbps switching unit, and all devices have dual power supplies. Sites are connected in a ring topology with 10 Gigabit Ethernet interconnections running over diversely routed dark fibre sourced from two suppliers. By utilising RPVST (Rapid Per VLAN Spanning Tree) the time taken for the network to reconverge in the event of loss of one of the fibre links is sub-one second.