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Announcement : Acquisition of Internet Facilitators Ltd (IFL)

8th August 2007

Over the last 10 years we have seen tremendous growth and change at Internet Facilitators Ltd (IFL). From the germ of an idea within the University of Manchester's Computing Centre to arguably the leading data centre supplier in Manchester and the north west.

Through the University we have benefited from tremendous support and encouragement, but have competed with other priorities to get the funding that would allow us to realise our growth potential. Specifically this has meant an inability to make the large capital investments required to provide the space, power and cooling required to meet the needs of clients and the technical infrastructures they co-locate with us.

Early this year we made the strategic decision to look for other sources of funding and I am pleased to announce today that IFL has been acquired by Attenda Limited. This acquisition and subsequent investment will enable us to not only fit out our remaining data centre space, but also look for future facilities to provide our clients with extra capacity in the near future.

IFL has secured its long term future and access to greater funds to further invest in the quality and scale of the company

IFL will be run as a standalone business by the existing management team and staff

Immediate investments will be made to secure extra space, power & cooling within IFL2 and additional data centre space will be available for client growth within IFL2 during 2007

In summary, I believe this announcement is tremendously good news for our clients, staff and the University and brings the stability of the same vision, management team and staff with the extra investment that allows us to meet market and client demand.

I trust that if you have any questions or concerns about this announcement that you will not hesitate to contact me. During September, more concrete details will be provided of when additional space will become available and how other investments will be made.

Yours sincerely

Peter Mills, Managing Director, IFL