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Key People

Daniel Nisbet

Data Centre Technician

Tel: +44(0)161 275 1108


Daniel Nisbet joined IFL after graduating from The University of Manchester where he completed his BSc in Computer Science. He has been interested in writing websites for years and tinkered around with one wire networks when he could only get his hands on one (ancient) computer.

Originally from the University town of Loughborough, Daniel moved to Manchester to study at the University. He was attracted by the bright lights of the second city, the University course and Manchester's fine musical tradition. While studying he was Head of Production at the Student Radio station where he had to straddle both the technical side of running a station and the more subjective side of how the 'overall sound' of how the radio station was presented.

Daniel's main tasks are to maintain the data centres and provide support to IFL customers. Danielís wide ranging IT interests in networking, developing software and computer support enable him to transition between the varied tasks that working at IFL demands.