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Key People

Marcus Hopwood

Service Director

Tel: +44(0)161 275 1101


Marcus Hopwood has been involved in the internet industry for seven years and brings a wide range of experience to the IFL team. He originally joined IFL in 1998 and helped turn the company from a small University company with sub-100k turnover into a serious player in the data centre marketplace with infrastructure rivalling that of most larger competitors. Attracting major names such as Pipex (at that time XTML) into the data centre helped to raise the company's profile too.

A brief interlude saw Marcus working for MaNAP, first as General Manager and later as CEO where he successfully implemented both the ISO9001 and BS7799-2 quality management and information security standards - a world first for an Internet Exchange Point. Marcus left MaNAP shortly prior to its sale to NWIX returning to IFL to help bring the IFL2 data centre online and to create a ten Gigabit Ethernet network connecting the two sites. This network - MCIX - now runs Manchester's fastest growing Internet Exchange.

Marcus's primary responsibility is to ensure that services are delivered on time and to specification. He also plays a major role in developing new services such as the MCIX network services and works with partners to implement complementary services within the data centre environment.

Marcus is currently raising money for Computer Aid International. Computer Aid International refurbishes donated computers in the UK and sends them to where they are most needed for use by schools and non-profit organisations in developing countries. It works in partnership with local people to ensure that all of its computers are used effectively by communities in need. Charity Registration No 1069256.