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An IFL 48U rack offers you a powerful and affordable 48U of rack space, backed up by state of the art power and fire protection facilities, high capacity cooling systems and 24 / 7 / 365 support. We completely understand the individual nature of our customers, and remain continually flexible in meeting your demands. Each rack includes the following:

  8 - 20 Amps sustained power included

Sustained power is the typical running power of equipment; we allow for peaks in usage, for example when powering up servers. Our rack plans can be flexible around your power requirements ensuring you are not billed for more power than you need.

  16 or 32 Amp breaker

5 - 15 Amps sustained power is included, however the 16 Amp or 32 Amp breaker ensures extra capacity should there be a surge in demand at any time. Each rack is protected by an individual breaker at our PDU (Power Distribution Unit). 32 Amp Breakers are provided for all racks that are allocated 10+ Amps sustained power - at no extra cost.

  IFL racks available

Customers can either provide their own rack or rent a rack from IFL. Each IFL rack has its own individual combination lock for added security, together with vented doors to the front and rear for effective cooling.

  24 / 7 / 365 secure access policy

Striking the balance between accessibility & security, IFL offer 24 / 7 unaccompanied access to our facilities. In order to gain access Photo ID cards are distributed to your key technical staff, which must be presented to gain access. Extensive CCTV cameras are in operation inside and outside the building, monitored by 24 / 7 / 365 security personnel. ∑ 24 hour helpdesk & remote hands support.

  24 hour helpdesk & remote hands support

Our experienced technical support staff are available 365 days a year - 6 incidents are included free of charge within your contract.

  Choice of several bandwidth providers

IFL are a carrier neutral data centre, offering a wide range of bandwidth providers. Request our bandwidth report and talk directly to the providers - ensuring you receive exactly what you need.

  NOC server / rack monitoring systems

We have state of the art monitoring systems throughout the data centre, with everything managed and metered in our NOC.

  Access to online customer area for power usage statistics

All customers will be given the facility to log into their own customer area through our website. You can monitor your power use, request support and monitor network status.

  From £600 per month

Prices start from £600 per month for an 8 Amp rack

Our rack solutions provide the complete colocation solution, with flexible plans for single or multiple racks. IFL take pride in providing the optimum operating environment for your equipment and encourage our customers to treat our facility as their own technical space. For more information or to book a tour of the data centre please contact our sales team.