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If you are planning to hire colocation services then you must know two terms on which it stands. The first of these is the volume of space that a server will be using at the collocation facility. The second relates to the amount of space that is being used within the rack also known as U's and cabinets. But what exactly are racks and what is rack space?

Racks are basically used to standardise computer and networking hardware located in machine room facilities. The industry standard for rack space is approximately 19". Rack space is usually a form of cabinet or stand which has a horizontal hardware mounting space. This is allowed for all hardware manufacturers so that they can design their equipment in order for it to be easily installed inside the racks.

It has been seen that the overall height of rack space may vary but a standard size is always chosen to determine the height of components. A standard size or height unit or U for a rack mount case is approximately 1.75 inches high. Components are equally labelled with their height in terms of the number of U's.

A standard or fixed industry server size is normally 1U, whereas the majority of networking gear such as switches will be 2U and drives upwards of 4U or greater. The number of U’s required in the rack space to mount the hardware into the collocation provider primarily determines the base price of the server. These days full sized expansion cards found in the majority of desktop computer systems would need to be in a 4U server case. This is comparatively more expensive than other forms.

Thus while determining the costs of the server you should also look at the costs and equipment necessary to fit in that rack space. Many people also use the term cabinet which is referred to full sized rack space or about 47U in space for equipment mounting. Rack space is also rented out by larger companies which need a fair amount of rack space for multiple servers and storage arrays. If you wish to know more about rack space, server colocation, colocation, cage colocation, suite colocation, carrier neutral colocation, colocation hosting, and colocation server hosting just click internetf.co.uk.