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IFL colocation suites effectively provide you with your own data centre within our facility. Ranging in size from 6 to 20+ racks, the IFL suites offer a dedicated footprint within a high security caged area.

  Dedicated footprint within IFL facility

Your suite is a dedicated, caged area within our data centre, specifically designed to your requirements.

  High security restricted access

All cages/suites are totally secure and only your engineers and IFL support technicians have access at any time. Protected by lockable doors and CCTV 24 / 7 / 365.

  Individual power supply to each rack

Each rack has its own power supply and we can offer dual supplies for clients requiring additional resilience.

  16 or 32 amp breakers

Each rack is protected by an individual breaker at our power distribution unit. The 16 amp or 32 amp breakers ensure extra capacity should there be a surge in demand at any time. 32 amp breakers are provided for all racks that are allocated 10+ amps sustained power - at no extra cost.

  Suite rack space at standard prices

IFL charge exactly the same for your rack space within a suite as we would for single rack space within the data centre. There is no charge for the physical cage.

  Stepped plans available

IFL offer 'stepped' payment plans in order to match your growth targets, charging according to your power consumption which can be stepped up on a monthly basis within your IFL suite contract.

  Choice of multiple bandwidth providers

IFL are a carrier neutral data centre, offering a wide range of bandwidth providers. Request our bandwidth report and talk directly to the providers - ensuring you receive exactly what you need.

  NOC server/rack monitoring systems

We have state of the art monitoring systems throughout the data centre, with everything managed and metered in our NOC.

  Adaptable under-floor air conditioning system

Each cage has its own air conditioning grilles in the floor so you can be assured of a perfect cooling environment for your servers.

  24-hour helpdesk and remote hand support.

Our experienced technical support staff are available 365 days a year - 6 incidents per rack are included free of charge within your contract.

IFL suite solutions provide a highly attractive, and marketable colocation solution for your business and your customers. Suite colocation plans are ideal for larger clients or those wishing to portray an image of substance in the colocation industry. For more information or to book a tour of the data centre please contact our sales team.